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Good Afternoon, Ladys and Gentlemen!
Today I'm gonna show you a few icons which i made for a contest!
And also Some very, very old Icons from the beginning of my "Graphictime".
I thought it would be funny to show them!

I'm sorry that i haven't update for ages!
The problem is, that my GIMP isn't working very well.
Soon, i will get the computer of my daddy, and then i will update regularly!

 x x x

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b/w Adam


Hey there, it's me :)
I made lots of Icons!
But there are also old icons, which i found on my computer!
There are many diffrent icons , so i decided to
list the main issues! (see below)

At the moment, i'm workin on LOST Icons. :) 
I will show them as soon as i will finish them! 

  x x x



[ 1 +2, 10, 13 ] Musicians
[ 6 ] Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland (Movie)
[ 16 & 27 ] Vampires Suck (Movie)
[ 17-21 ] Thirteen (Movie)
[ 22-24 ] The Lord of The Rings (Movie)
[ 25 ] Disney's Alice in Wonderland
[ 26 ] The 9th Gate (Movie)

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one little icon

Just one little icon.
At Monday, i'm gonna visit my daddy, and there, i have lots of time to make some Arts
so i think i will show you some new stuff then :)



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traditional is in!

Good afternoon Ladys and Gentlemen!
I just wantet to mention that i also do some traditional Stuff.
I added my Deviant Art link to the link list, so you can check it out if you want!
the pictures aren't actual but i think i will add some new pictures soon!
that's all for today!

  x x x

b/w Adam

some old stuff

It's me again =D
at the moment, i'm cleaning up my room, and there seems no ending.
booooring :(
so i thought, it would be cool to show some older arts i made =)
these arts are not all of my art, but a little part of it <3

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b/w Adam


Hey there.
Last week, I created a lot of Adam Lambert Stuff.
Because I am new at LJ you just get a little Banner I Made.
As you can see, it is very "Pure".
As soon as i find out how to upload multiple pictures and Graphics, you will see some more stuff.